Doing more with less:
Breaking the Drug Discovery Bottleneck

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Nanotether Discovery Sciences’ unique technology will transform the discovery of new medicines by accelerating the progression of potential drug candidates.

The race to discover new medicines is fiercely competitive, with typical drug development costs exceeding $1 billion at launch. Nanotether will address these rising costs by providing innovative products and services for this $80 billion market. Our technology promises to have the same impact on the biopharmaceutical sector that DNA chips had on the genomics industry.

Nanotether technology utilises variable length DNA molecules as tethers for binding pairs of test molecules in close proximity, thereby miniaturising biological assays and vastly reducing the quantity of materials required compared with current technologies. This combination of miniaturisation and low material requirements makes Nanotether technology uniquely placed to address the needs of high throughput drug discovery programmes.

Nanotether was founded in 2012 after successfully closing a £2.25 million Series A funding round. During the first 18 months the company has transformed a university-based proof of concept through to a platform demonstration that has attracted potential collaborators, including a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Nanotether Advantages

Massively parallel assays in a single well

Hundred-fold reduction in protein requirements

Multiple target classes

High sensitivity